Welcome to Clockwiser...!

Your task appears to be quite simple: move elements around in the left hand side of the screen to match the arrangement at the right side. This may appear to be easy, but appearances can be deceptive! Clockwiser can be played here, online, for free.

We have 510 users competing in the highscores. These users played 33615 levels. To compete in the highscore, we only require a username and a password.

Support our efforts and we will port Clockwiser to the iPhone. Make a donation!

Now available for Android!

Clockwiser is now also available for Android. Click here for more information. To support our efforts, you can download Clockwiser for Android for less than $1 from the Android Market. A 20-level demo version is also available for download on the Android Market.

Join playclockwiser.comPlay Clockwiser

Ready to play Clockwiser? Click here to play and compete in the highscores. We only require a username and a password to play.

What's clockwiserWhat's Clockwiser?

Click here, and find out! We've even included an online demo of the game!

Clockwiser for Android?Clockwiser for Android!

Clockwiser for Android is available now. For details, click here!

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